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Run on Security Electric Driving, Pot for Brand-new Vehicles Nearly Unfilled

Anyone wanting to buy a new electric car and claiming a subsidy of 4,000 euros must be quick. The pot, which has only been Modern Rear Engine, Electric Car, Electric Engineavailable since July 1, is almost empty. It is not going too fast with subsidy applications for second-hand electric cars.

It should be an incentive to start driving electrically. The so-called SEPP scheme, which was created by the government. And it seems to work.

Many requests for new cars
EUR 10 million is available for the purchase of a new electric car. And there is 7.2 million ready for people who think a second-hand is fine. They do not receive 4000 euros, but 2000 euros. Until 09.00 this morning, a total of 8,376,000 euros in subsidy for new cars has been applied for, says a spokesperson for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in an interim score. So there are only slightly more than 1.6 million euros available for the rest of the year.

With that amount, only 406 new electric cars can be subsidized.

Waiting list until January
Anyone who now fishes behind the net will be put on a waiting list. In January the subsidy fund will be replenished with an as yet unknown amount. Those who wait for the longest will be the first to receive their 4000 euros.

People who orient themselves on a used electric car do not have to worry about that. Of the available 7.2 million, only 1.26 million euros in subsidy has been requested.

Subsidy with retroactive effect
The fact that the pot for new cars crawls to the bottom within a few days is because the subsidy scheme applies retroactively. Anyone who bought an electric car on or after 4 June could apply for a subsidy from 1 July.

The subsidy also applies to people who want to lease an electric car privately. They can use the amount to bring down their monthly lease amount.

Not all-electric cars are eligible for a subsidy. For example, the range must be at least 120 kilometers. Learn online through driver safety course ny for electric vehicles.  Expensive cars, such as Teslas, are also excluded. The RVO maintains a list of approved models.