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Turning An Old Villa To A Fresh New Home

Turning an old villa into a new, fresh home with a contemporary style. With this total renovation, the spaces were given a new interpretation, tailored to the wishes of the new residents. The communication between the rooms was optimized and the house was equipped with the latest technologies regarding comfort, ventilation, and energy. For your interior design needs, check out Tiling Reviews for your tiling needs.

An Old House Gets An OverHaul

For the walls and the ceiling, white color was invariably chosen, a choice that was extended throughout the entire home. White provides an open, fresh feeling and keeps it completely neutral. This gives you a lot of freedom in terms of furniture and decoration.

The home was brightened up with original pieces of furniture. The classic cupboard in the dining room, the carpets, the school desk in the kitchen, … These are all objects that come into their own in this interior despite their different style.

The white interior was combined with wood, which we see reflected in the floor and furniture. Wood gives the whole a warm and natural touch. The homely feeling is encouraged in this way.

Both the floor and cupboards used the same material in every room, both above and below. A sleek look and simplicity are central, resulting in a stylish and relaxing whole.

The combination of white and wood was also extended to the kitchen. Wooden kitchen cabinets go together with a light, marble kitchen top. In order to keep it airy and also maintenance-friendly, people did not opt ​​for a wooden floor but for a light tiled floor.

Steel was chosen for both the windows and doors. That gives the home an elegant and timeless appearance. Here too we see white, wood and the use of steel merge into a beautiful and sleek whole. Read also about Safety Standards for Windows Blinds and Shades.

The feeling of space, created by the white walls and the white ceiling, is further enhanced by the large windows. The boundary between inside and outside fades as it were.

We can take that blur between inside and outside quite literally. The white color of the facade, the steel windows and the use of wood (everything we also find inside the house) also form a beautiful whole on the outside of the house.