Malawian Muslims Urged to Aspire for Influential Positions

Mr. Umar Mataka  told young muslim in a forum.  “When they wish to contribute towards improvement of Islam and the nation particularly Muslim in the united states have already been advised to become combined”.

“Jews were separated however they later got together and created the strong nation named Israel among Palestinians. Muslims today aren’t combined but we are able to get together and move ahead evenly,”. “Look in Iraq Syria and Afghanistan, Muslims aren’t combined that’s why conflict isn’t closing. We ought to imitate how different regional groups are helping economic development of those regions.” Mr. Umar Mataka.  stressed such regional groups are created the member nations must increase their social economic development and to reinforce unity.

God-In the sacred book of Quran and Islam advocates for unity required, provided types of unity has created individuals and numerous types effective in their actions. “to purchase technology and training when they desire to be effective for that state and Islam” Mataka said.

We have to be combined in training and science. Muslims must purchase these places,” Mataka stressed.
Within an appointment with Malawian  Bashir Kamwendo who joined the gathering stated that certainly Muslim youth in the united states have to get far with knowledge. Individuals from Malawi Institute of Bunda College Writing, and Lilongwe Technical College was underneath the concept “Unity in Islam” and joined the Muslim youth gathering amongst others. Kamwendo who’s currently studying Biotechnology at Bunda College stated that faith and a nation that doesn’t purchase education can’t create socioeconomically, Among other pursuits in the occasion were classes, recitation and dramas of Qur’an’s sacred book.