Monthly Archives: August 2021

How NFTs, Crypto, and COVID-19 Pushes Away the Use of Passwords

Passwords have long been an archaic variety of access security. A recent survey showed that one in 10 people would rather get a passage or a filling than create a singular password for each online account they need.     But what hadn’t come under such scrutiny – or a minimum of until the NY […]

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What Duties Do News Reporters Have?

News reporters are to blame for gathering and writing about the news because it happens. The appearance of 24-hour news broadcasts and often updated digital editions of newspapers put pressure on reporters covering national or international events to be first with the story or to seek out a replacement angle. Local reporters don’t face identical […]

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Despite Rising ‘Breakthrough’ COVID-19 Cases, Experts Urges Public To Get Vaccinated For Protection Against Delta Variant

For many countries who have successfully innoculated a good percentage of their population against COVID-19, people have started to hope that the hell brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic will end very soon. Unfortunately, some things simply cannot be controlled, including the mutation of the original COVID-19 virus first detected in Wuhan, China. So far, […]

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