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The Art Critics Award for LIAF

The prize is given to the exhibition or art project in Norway that the members of the Critics’ Association’s art section believe was of the greatest importance in the past year.

– As an award given by art critics, this is a great recognition for LIAF, it means a lot to us and is something we take with us further. I would also like to thank the curators for their ability to think new about the connections between art, society, and nature, and for the incredible amount of work they put into LIAF 2019, says Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, general manager of Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter in a press release.

LIAF 2019 was held in Svolvær in Lofoten between 30 August and 29 September 2019. Prior to this, from the autumn of 2018, artists were invited to live and work in four smaller places spread from east to west in Lofoten: Digermulen, Skrova, Valberg, and Ramberg.

– The exhibition period in Svolvær was accompanied by an extensive program with performances, lectures, debates, concerts, and more. A total of 40 events were held during the month. The most comprehensive and ambitious of these was the Tang Congress, an international and interdisciplinary conference that brought together a large number of participants and audiences, the press release states.

LIAF 2019 was curated by Hilde Methi, Karolin Tampere, Neal Cahoon, and Torill Østby Haaland.

The critics’ team emphasizes the entirety of the exhibition, long-term work stays for artists and event programs in their justification for the award, where they write, among other things:

– Lofoten International Art Festival 2019 managed to combine long-term work and research periods for the invited artists with a very meaningful and completed main exhibition in Lofotenposten’s old premises.

– We want to share the award with all artists, all good supporters in Lofoten, the entire LIAF team, and everyone else who made it possible to realize LIAF 2019 says Methi, Tampere, Cahoon, and Haaland.

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