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Dogs and Their Needs


Dogs are man’s bestfriend. This saying could be a cliche for some, but for many this is a fact.

Just like humans, dogs do have basic needs. What are their needs? Aside from food and shelter, dogs also demand for their owners’ time and affection. Yes, dogs also need time and affection because these relieve stress. Dogs are stress relievers but that does not mean they do not get stressed.

Food and shelter will not be enough if one decided to have a dog. Depending on the dog’s breed, each requires special type of care, but every breed definitely needs to be monitored or checked. Some dogs are required to take vitamins while some are just find without any supplement. There are breeds that should be maintained with raw meat while other breeds are just fine with a basic dog food.

Dogs do need to be trained as well. Tips and advices are already available online. You will be able to see the steps on how to train a dog and what are the things needed to establish an awesome training, and the first on the list is patience, followed by some treats as prize every time the dog learned a new trick.

Dogs also need to to visit  a veterinarian regularly. They also get sick and unlike humans, they cannot tell their owners how they are feeling and what they feel. So it is a must that if ever something is unusual, contact a veterinarian, have the dog checked and listen to what will be the vet’s advice.

As mentioned above, tips and advices are already available online. Sites like will provide  information on how to take good care of dogs and in the site’s case, how to take care of labradors, one of the most beautiful dog breeds.