How Social Media Influences Our Purchasing Decisions

How much influence do social networks have on our lives? There’s actually a lot. Social networking reaches a pool of tastes that enable entrepreneurs to target their marketing campaigns in the area. This holds true for a small company in daycare services ( Their company sales have reached thousands of people and improved sales record. […]

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A Practical Social Media Marketing YouTube Guide

YouTube is a colossus among social networks. It dwarfs everybody but Facebook in terms of active users worldwide. YouTube has over 1 billion users, who spend millions of hours per day viewing videos. It’s the second most accessed website in the whole world. A lot of its users are individuals sharing or viewing personal videos. […]

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Why it’s important to plan before posting

Creating a social networking campaign begins way before uploading in your first status announcement and your accounts. Note that it all starts in the preparation phase or research study. Before posting your first photo or video, you would have searched already how to get more views on Instagram as this is part of your strategy. […]

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